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Our Lamanchas!

Meet our beautiful Lamancha herd


I (Maggie) met Luvs at the 2021 MN State Show (where she was champion Lamancha). I fell in love with her color and body capacity. So when I had the chance to by her daughter, I had to jump on it!

We have seen so much growth in Ana over the past year - physically and in her amazingly sweet personality. She always knows exactly how to cheer me up.

Cooper was very excited when she was selected as the Champion Lamancha at the MN State Youth Show in 2023.

Angela is the matriarch of our herd, the first dairy goat on our farm. She is from a farm where love is abundant so Angela is always up for attention.

As with her grandmother (2x MN 4-H Best Doe in Show), she only gets better with age. She is dry this year, but still appraised 87 points dry! We cannot wait for her to rejoin the milk herd, especially since she is one of our biggest producers!

We were extremely honored to welcome Tate to our farm in 2021 and she quickly rose to the Queen of the goat pen (well respected and never messed with). She is a gorgeous powerhouse and we love watching her kids grow!

We were so excited when Tate had a doe last year - giving us Tator Tot. She made a big splash at the MN State Fair last year with a 1st place Junior Kid finish. She freshen in May of 2023 (with two bucks 😭) and we are excited to see how she does at the state fair once again.

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