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Pasture Raised Turkeys

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Our turkeys are raised indoors until they are around 8 weeks of age, when they can handle all types of weather (fun fact: baby turkeys are very delicate as compared to chickens and require much more attention). Then they are moved out to our pastures.

Once on pasture, they scavenge on grass, bugs, and whatever else they find. They also are given a non-medicated (antibiotic free), no-corn, no-soy, naturally non-GMO feed comprised of barley, peas, and oats from our local elevator and unlimited amounts of fresh water. Our turkeys will received no antibiotics during their lifetime.

We get our birds processed at a local meat market. They will be cleaned, dressed and ready to eat upon pick up. You can select to pick them up fresh or frozen.​

For 2022, we will only have 1 option for turkeys, the delicious traditional Broad Breasted Bronze turkey. Read below for more information on this type of turkey.

We are currently talking reservations for 2022.

We do not currently ship our turkeys (shipping would cost $150-200). We will have two pick up locations the week leading up to Thanksgiving; one in Richfield, MN and one on our farm in Lonsdale, MN.

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens: Products

Pasture Raised Broad Breasted Turkey

For Thanksgiving 2022, we are excited to offer the Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys (also know as BBB) for the second year. The BBB's are known for their delicious, large breasts. These turkeys will be more like a "traditional" turkey, plus all the benefits of being pasture raised. Since our turkeys are on pasture, our meat will have a deeper flavor and firmer texture.

Additionally, the barley in their feed creates a really high quality fat. You will also notice a difference in the fullness of the flavor since there are no soybeans in their feed.

We expect them to be around 13-25 pounds this year. They are $4.50 a pound.

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What are our customers saying about New Frontier Farms turkey?


“After 30+ plus years of roasting the big bird, this was by far was best we ever had!”

"It is honestly the best turkey we've ever had."

“These were some of the best-tasting turkeys I've ever eaten! Very delicious.”​

“We smoked it. Very delicious and flavorful!!! We all loved the flavor of your Turkey!! I'm going to make some broth out of the carcass!"

“Our turkey was perfect on Thanksgiving Day as well as subsequent days of leftovers.”

"The turkey was awesome! It turned out so good! Super flavorful!"


“Taste was great, took the brine well and held up well in the smoker.”

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Something to look forward to in 2023!

Pasture Raised Heritage Turkeys

Due to the avian influenza, we have chosen to not raise Bourbon Red Turkeys in 2022. The bourbon reds are very free spirited birds and tend to leave their pen on pasture each day and return at night. While this is something, on a normal year, that makes them so special, it also puts them at much higher risk of contracting avian influence and bringing it back to the rest of our poultry flock. It was a tough decisions, but we determined it was better for our farm as a whole to take a year off from raising Bourbon Reds.


Bourbon Red Turkeys are considered by many to be an American classic and one of the prettiest breeds of turkeys. They are also known for their flavorful, high quality, lean and tender meat. Being in the heritage turkey category, their meat is touted by many as the best tasting turkey for Thanksgiving.

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