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How to Cook a Kunekune Pork Chop

Our kunekune pigs are known best for their flavor-packed, deep red pork, but this can be intimidating when you are used to the “other white meat.” Due to the size of the pork chops, we find that they are best when cut thick - 1.5 inches thick. This makes them cook similar to a filet mignon.

Here is our favorite Kunekune pork chop recipe that you are bound to fall in love with!

Ingredients for Chops:

-3 tbsp butter

-5 cloves garlic, minced

Ingredients for Garlic Butter:

-1 1/2 tbsp butter, melted

-1/4 tsp garlic powder

-1/8 tsp red pepper flakes

-1/4 tsp parsley flakes

1. Take your pork chops out of the freezer the night before and place them in the frig.
2. The next morning, take them out and salt/pepper them to taste (we enjoy a local seasoned salt) and Worcestershire sauce.
We understand steps one and two are not always possible with busy schedules. If that is the case, pull them out 30 minutes ahead to thaw - using the microwave defrost or a bowl of warm water for the package. Then season with salt/pepper and Worcestershire sauce.
3. Once ready, set oven to 360 degrees F and start warming a cast-iron skillet over high heat on the stove.
4. When the cast-iron is warm, add the butter. After the butter melts, add garlic.
5. Once the garlic is aromatic, sear the chops without moving them until a brown crust forms on the bottom and they easily release from the pan.
6. Flip the chops and sear the other side. (Each side will roughly take 2-3 minutes.)
7. Immediately take the pan off the heat and place it in the oven.
8. Bake for 2-8 minutes - depending on how done you want them to get. Pork chops are safe after they reach an internal temperature of 140 degrees. We recommend removing them soon after they reach 140 so you don’t dry them out.

9. Remove chops from cast-iron and place them on a plate. They should sit for 5-10 minutes before serving.
10. While waiting for chops to rest, melt butter then mix in the garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and parsley flakes.
11. Glaze pork chops with delicious garlic butter then enjoy!

If you try this recipe, we would love to hear how you liked it!

We based our recipe off of information from the Perfect Filet Mignon and the garlic butter from Mason Fit.
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