Pork Breakfast Sampler Bundle

Pork Breakfast Sampler Bundle

This is the perfect breakfast sampler pack!  Try our delicious pasture raised bacon, sausage patties, sausage links, and bulk sausage.


4 pounds of our pasture raised pork

$35 value for $31


Bundle Includes:

1 Package of Sow Bacon - 1 pound

1 Package of Sausage Patties - 1 pounds

1 Package of Your Choice of Sausage Links - 1 pound

1 Package Bulk Sausage - 1 pound


Our meat can be picked up at local farm markets (see this weeks schedule at checkout), free delivery to Lonsdale, Montgomery, and New Prague, or $20 delivery to the Twin Cities (free on orders over $150). Our meat cannot be shipped at this time.