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Welcome to New Frontier Farms!

Where we strive to produce high quality meat

and milk with a focus on animal welfare, longevity, and docility.

On our farm, we proudly raise American Dairy Goat Association registered goats and American Kunekune Pig Society registered pigs.

Our Dairy Goat Herd

We are proud to raise ADGA registered Alpines, Lamanchas, and Recorded Grades. Most of our animals are from the very well known bloodlines of Autumn Acres and Moorse Goats. We are currently working on growing our herd, but we may have bucks and does available in 2024.


Pictured: Moorse-G Quinn Fiona


Our Kunekune Herd

Kunekune (pronounced cooney-cooney) pigs originated in New Zealand, but are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Learn more about the Kunekune breed by clicking here.

We currently have a few gilts available. Email us at for more information.

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