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Pasture Raised Pork: Products

Pasture Raised Kunekune Pork

$5 per pound

We are proud to raise pastured Kunekune pigs. They live their lives on pasture and eat a non-GMO, no-corn, no-soy diet made up of barley and peas. The Kunekune pigs originated in New Zealand, but are growing rapidly in the United States because of their rich, deep red pork and their gentle nature with people and on pastures.

Our Kunekunes cost a little bit more because they take 12-13 months to finish verse the 6-7 months for our heritage pigs. They get up to about 175-200 pounds, when they will be processed at Odenthal Meats in New Prague or Lonsdale Country Market in Lonsdale. 

They are $5 per pound plus processing (which will range from $0.93 to $4 a pound, depending on what you want and if you want it smoked). They will average about 100-130 pounds processed weight per hog, 50-65 pounds per half. (Looking for more information on purchasing meat in bulk, click here for some great information from the University of Minnesota.)

With the Kunekune pigs, we like our customers to understand that Kunekune pork has more fat than heritage or conventional pork, as well as small cuts. But the flavor is extremely rich and delicious, it can even go unseasoned with its amazing flavor. Try it before you commit to a whole pig by buying individual cuts. Click here to shop our cuts.

You can reserve a whole hog or half a hog. We have some ready each month (besides June through August).

Pasture Raised Hertiage Pork

We also raise heritage pigs on pasture, where they spend their days in the grass, dirt and sunshine, adding natural fertilizer to our pastures and helping us maintain soil health. They enjoy munching on grass, branches and whatever else they can find. They also eat waste produce (like waste apples from a local orchard and pumpkins from a local pumpkin patch), cracked eggs from our chickens, and a barley and pea grain mix from our local feed mill (they enjoy a corn and soy free, naturally non-GMO diet).

We no longer sell 1/2 or whole heritage pigs, but we do have individual cuts.


Tips and Tricks
to buying a half or whole hog!

While buying meat in bulk is one of the most cost effective ways to get high quality meat, it can seem daunting at times, especially if you have never done it before. That is where our new tips and tricks guide is here to help. I've taken everything you need to know about buying a half or whole pig from our farm and put it into one easy to follow brochure.


The brochure includes a step by step how to guide, how much meat to expect, what is a KuneKune pig, why is feed so important, and more!

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