About Us

Our Story

I had been crushing on Nick for a while. I thought he was cute and drove a sexy pickup (don't judge me, I was going through a phase! Haha, but trust me, you can tell a lot about a farm boy through his truck!) At the weekly Country Night dance that my friends and I religiously went to, I asked him to dance.

While we slowly rocked back and forth to a slow song, I asked him what he wanted to do with his life. He smiled and said that he wanted to be a farmer, with lots of acres and cows to care for each day. 


My heart about beat out of my chest. I had finally found someone who not only dreamed crazy big dreams like me, but someone who also wanted to spend their days caring for God's creatures. 


And here we are six years later; the same two crazy kids, married with a two year old and a newborn, working to make our dreams of being farmers and raising our kids with the same values we were raised on a reality.


I am Maggie, the co-owner of New Frontier Farms, with my husband, Nicholas. We invite you to join us as we build our farm and our family one animal at a time.


Our Dreams

We hope to some day be your one stop shop for meat, eggs, and dairy products. However, it takes time and capital to get there. 

We currently offer farm fresh eggs, as well as pasture raised chicken, turkey, and pork. Check out our products page to get a full list of our current products.


We are starting our dairy goat herd, with hopes to have goat lotions and soaps available the summer of 2021. Also, we have two dairy heifers (cows who have not had a calf yet) that will start producing milk next winter, which we will turn into soap and lotion. Additionally, we have 6 dairy steers that will be processed for beef winter for 2022.


Chief Operating Officer


I love numbers, construction, trucks, and being a dad. I was born and raised in Kansas, but often claim South Dakota as home. I have my A.S. in Agricultural Sciences from South Dakota State University, with an emphasis in agribusiness, agronomy and animal science. I have many years of experience on a construction crew, in a state finance office, and currently work as a metal fabricator.