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Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Before they are ready to handle all types of weather, our meat birds are raised indoors until they are fully feathered. Then they are moved into a "chicken tractor," aka a mobile chicken home. We use a chicken tractor to ensure the chickens have plenty of fresh air and food, but also to protect them from any predators.


Once in the chicken tractor, they scavenge on grass, bugs, and whatever else they find in our pastures. They also are given a non-medicated, non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free feed that consists of barley and peas from our local elevator and unlimited amounts of fresh water. Our chickens will received no antibiotics during their lifetime.

We get our birds processed at an USDA inspected meat market. They will be cleaned, dressed and ready to eat upon pick up.

The processed birds will be USDA certified.

Cornish Game Hens

Looking for a perfect dinner for two or to treat yourself? Order a Cornish Game Hen today! The Cornish Game Hens are Cornish Rock chickens, processed at a younger age than the broilers, so they are smaller and more tender. These birds will be 2 to 3 pounds so perfect for couples or individuals.

$12 per chicken

Individual Cuts

We also offer individual cuts of chicken. Follow the "Order Yours Today" button to see availability.

Broiler Chickens

Our broiler chickens are Cornish Rock chickens that are known for their docility on the farm, as well as their delicious, large light meat breasts. They are all around 5-6 pounds, so perfect for a family.

$24 per chicken

Rudd Ranger Chickens

Rudd Rangers are a unique breed of chicken that is known for being more proportional, making the dark meat almost equal the light meat. We also chose this breed because they’re great scavengers!

$28 per chicken

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