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Pasture Raised, Raw Pet Food!

Straight from our farm to your beloved pet’s bowl!

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Farm Fresh, Local, Raw Pet Food!

How often do you see all those words in one sentence? This is the reason we wanted to start the Diesel Fuel segment of our business to provide you with high quality, raw pet food.

It all starts with our gorgeous, rescue dog Diesel. We rescued her at 6 weeks old in 2014. She is our “first born” (yes, we are those kind of people - and hopefully you are too 😉) and plays a very important protective big sister role in our family.

Because of her short history with neglect before she came to us, Diesel has always struggled with anxiety (especially separation anxiety) and gut health (I cannot count the number of times we’ve cleaned up diesel 🤮). Therefore, managing her diet is key.

In 2021 when we started milking goats, we started giving Diesel milk with her breakfast. And in 2022, we started adding chicken bone broth to her suppers with her dog food. I jokingly said one day that our milk was Diesel fuel and as I shared her love of the milk and broth with friends, we knew we had to share these nutrient packed pet supplements with everyone! And Diesel Fuel was born! 

We hope your pets love Diesel Fuel Pet Food as much Diesel does!

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Danger’s Story

Diesel isn’t the only animal on our farm that loves Diesel Fuel Raw Goat Milk! Danger may love it even more!

In the summer of 2021, Nick was out in the pasture doing chores when something gray ran quickly past him. He was nervous it was a rodent, but soon found a very, very young gray kitten. She had a large wound on her neck and was very hungry.

Since we have many hawks and a family of bald eagles always flying over, we believe she was dropped by one of them and ran under our chicken tractor for shelter. We reached out to neighbors, but no one was missing a kitten. So we started treating her wound with Udder Balm (an antiseptic ointment) and gave her goat milk with her kitten food.

Slowly, but surely, her wound started to heal and now she has blossomed into a gorgeous cat. We love having her around the barn for lots of snuggles and to help with rodent control. And she still, of course, loves all the treats after milking time.


Want to Learn More About the Goats behind the milk?

We are proud to raise a herd of high producing, very loving dairy goats. Our girls are milked twice a day and produce roughly 1 to 2 gallons of milk a day. They spend most of their days going in and out of our barn (their favorite place to be since the thick rock foundation walls help keep even temperatures throughout the year, so it is easier on our older girls), but they also enjoy nibbling on grass and playing on their playground in their pasture.


Want to Learn More About the chickens behind the broth?

Our chickens are pasture raised and fed a no-corn, no-soy, naturally non-GMO diet consisting of barley and peas. They spend their days in our "chicken tractors" (aka mobile chicken homes - to protect them from the birds that attacked Danger - see above story). And get move to fresh grass twice a day. Our chickens love eating grass, bugs, and whatever else they find on our pastures. They are an amazing fertilizing team, helping to revive our pastures from decades of depletion. 

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