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Raspberry Pork Loin Roast

Updated: May 8, 2022

One day I was making a roast with my usual red wine or chicken broth and as I reached into the cabinet, I saw some of Laura with Thompson Family Farm’s jam sitting on the shelf and thought that one of these days I need to try a raspberry pork loin roast!

So this week for dinner, we tried it and it was so, so good! I make pulled pork sandwiches with raspberry chipotle bbq sauce. I also plan to make pork tacos with the leftovers tonight and use some of Laura’s peach salsa!

Serves around 4 (depending on the size of the pork loin)

2-3 lb pork loin roast
1/2 jar of Thompson Family Farm Raspberry Jam
1/2 cup water
Your favorite barbecue sauce

1. Mix half a jar of jam with half a cup of water until well mixed.
2. Place frozen pork loin into crock-pot, pour jam and water mixture around the roast (don’t pour it on it because we want the raspberry flavor not the seeds).
3. Cook on high for four hours or low for eight.
4. Check temperature to make sure it is at least 140 degree F.
5. Remove pork loin from crock-pot and shred using two forks.
6. Place pulled pork on a bun and drizzle with BBQ sauce.
7. Enjoy!

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