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World’s Easiest Taco!

When we started working with Odenthal meats for our pork, I saw that they made taco brats and I could not wait until our pork could be made into delicious taco brats! When we got our first batch of brats, it was the first brat I tried and I couldn’t believe how rich and accurate the flavor was. I ended up adding sour cream and salsa to it, but made plans to make a true taco brat the next time our family was able to enjoy it!

Last week, we tried it and it was AMAZING! Honestly so good, so easy, and much less messy for the 3 year old!

So next Taco Tuesday, throw these amazing taco brats on the grill and prep all your favorite taco fixings. Then make a taco just like you normally would, but add the brat instead of ground beef or chicken. Now everyone can eat a delicious and much less messy taco!

And if you’re like Nick and want a meatier taco, add two brats to the taco!

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