New Frontier Farms LLC

Welcome to Our Dream Turned Reality

Hi there, we are Nicholas and Maggie. Just two family-oriented millennials, building a sustainable, diverse farm from the ground up to eventually provide you and your family with fresh from the farm eggs, meat, and dairy.


Our Products


Farm Fresh Eggs

Pasture Raised Meat Chickens

Pasture Raised Pork

Pasture Raised Turkeys


Handcrafted, luxurious soap made with milk from our sassy goats!

You deserve high quality soap and so does your skin! We switched to goats milk soap after Nick’s mom gave us some for Christmas 3 years ago and we haven’t looked back since! We started making our own in April of 2021 when our goat Angela kidded and we had our own goat milk. We love trying new scents, shapes, and lathers!

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We are proud to offer all certified Minnesota Grown meat and eggs, so you know when you support us, you support the local economy.

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