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Who’s behind New Frontier Farms?

mother and child sitting in field with sunset in background

You know that first day of school feeling when the teacher asks everyone to introduce themselves and you're like "oh geez how do I sum up my whole life in 30 seconds," while at the same time thinking "but I haven't done anything with my life yet, how do expect me to say something interesting?"

That's how I feel right now. How do I sum up our family and our dreams in just one simple blog post, but at the same time, we are just beginning, how can we add value to you today?

So here's my attempt!

Hi, I am Maggie, one half of New Frontier Farms. I was born and raised in Lakeville, Minnesota on my family's small hobby farm, where we raised everything from cows and goats to rabbits and chickens, but when my sisters and I went to college, my parents slowly sold the animals.

I left for college at South Dakota State University in 2012 to study dairy production and speech communication. In 2013, I'd go on to meet a crazy Kansan, who managed to steal my heart in 2014. After a wonderful, 4.5 years, Nick and I graduated in 2016 and moved to a ranch in very, very rural South Dakota to calve out 600 cows.

We loved the work, but had different values than our employers, so we left the ranch right before our wedding and moved to the capitol of South Dakota, Pierre, where I got a job working for the South Dakota Department of Agriculture as their Strategic Communications Officer. Nick worked in both the state Treasurer's and Auditor's offices in the field of finance.

We welcomed our son into the world in 2018 and haven't looked back since. It's amazing how those little ones can change the way we see the world and what actually means the most to us. So after he turned one, we started looking at moving home to Minnesota to start the farm that we had been dreaming and talking about since we started dating.

So here we are, working full time jobs, raising a family, and trying to make our dreams a reality.

What dream do you have that lights your soul on fire? That makes the lost sleep and hard work worth it? That you can't stop thinking about? Share with us in the comments because let's be honest, our world could use a little more positive support in it!

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