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Half Share - Pasture Raised Meat CSA

Half Share - Pasture Raised Meat CSA

Are you looking for locally sourced, high quality, pasture raised meat delivered right to your door each month, but your household doesn't need whole share of our meat CSA? Look no further than our Half Share - Pasture Raised CSA! You will get 5-6 pounds of hand selected pasture raised pork, chicken, and rosé beef specific to your tastes and cooking styles! You get all this delivered right to your door for only $75 (or save more by signing up for 6 or 12 months at a time). CSA members also receive special perks like first dibs on bacon and turkeys, occasional free SWAG, and more! 


For free shipping, please select "Meat CSA Shipping Only" at check out.


See the examples below for how much you could save!


Example - one month could include:

- 4 pork chops (~2 pounds) - retail for $32

- 1 pack of boneless skin-on chicken breasts (~1 pound) retail for $14

- 1 Medium smoked ham (~3 pounds) - retails for $35

Total Retail Cost: $81 plus $20 shipping, so total would be $101

Total CSA Cost: $75


Please answer all the questions to help us best pick the meat for you! If you have any religious or dietary needs (i.e. avoid beef), please let us know at checkout.

  • Delivery Policy

    Must be located within 45 minutes of Minneapolis or in Lonsdale, Montgomery, or New Prague for this offer.

Price Options
3 Month CSA
$75.00every month for 3 months
6 Month CSA
Sign up for 6 months and save $5 a month extra!
$72.50every month for 6 months
Year Long CSA
Sign up for a Year and Save $10 extra a month!
$70.00every month for 12 months

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