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So I started a new job...

So I started a new job. It’s one that I have been doing part time for a few years now, but I was still really nervous to transition to full time. I had worries about what people would think; would they think less of me? I read somewhere that Type A people have a really hard time in this line of work. I was worried I’d lose my drive and my hunger for learning. But most of all, I was worried that I would let Cooper down.

I don't always wear overalls, but when I do, I match my 2 year old + I'm 27 weeks pregnant and hate maternity jeans.

On June 1st, I officially started my position as a stay at home mom, in addition to my farm duties. Just like any other first day, I was nervous. I stayed up the night before doing research on how to be the best stay at home mom I could be and how to create a schedule that keeps us on our toes but allows wiggle room.

The first day came and went and it was amazing. I told Nick at the end of the day that it had been the best first day of any job I’d ever had. And three weeks in (minus a few for the days I was in the hospital), I am still loving it.

And unlike my fears, I have found that I have more drive and ambition than I did before because now I am able to channel all of my creative juices into the people and farm that I love.

I also am able to create a schedule that works best for me and my brain. I’ve known since college that my most productive hours are 9 pm to Midnight. However, most jobs don’t want you working at that time. With this job, Cooper sleeps in until 8 or 9 am and I enjoy those extra few hours of sleep (before baby 2 makes their appearance and our farm chores increase). Then after Cooper goes to bed at 9 pm, I get stuff done until Midnight. It has allowed me time to read, plan things for our farm, update our website, and get so much done. It’s amazing how when you listen to your body and understand what hours are best for you, what you can get done.

Now I still have fears about this job. The money isn’t great. The coworker is unpredictable and his mother’s son (at times). And the work environment is under construction. But I am so blessed to be given this time with my son to watch him grow and learn. It’s amazing all the things we have accomplished in our few weeks and I cannot wait to see everything that Coop and I think of in the future.

If you’re afraid to take the job or to not and stay home, I challenge you to listen to your heart and ask God to guide the way. I was nervous, but He put so many signs pointing me in this direction and I’m thankful every day I wake up.

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