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Why the name New Frontier Farms?

You may have wondered "Why New Frontier Farms? Why not Stensaas Family Farm?"

Well first off, if you can confidently say Stensaas, bonus points for you! Haha most people can't, so NFF is much easier to say and remember.

But we picked New Frontier Farms before we were even the Stensaas Family. In October of 2015, Nick and I decided we wanted to start our farm and purchased 2 Holstein bull calves to raise for beef. We were still in college and my mom graciously raised the calves for us on their small farm. When we were driving home, we wanted to pick a farm name. Something that would connect our backgrounds, but also tie in the fact that this farm was going to be a first generation farm.

Nick's mom's side of the family came to South Dakota through the Homestead act. His dad's side settled on a farm in southeast South Dakota many generations back. My mom's side of the family came to Minnesota to farm. My grandma's grandpa came because of the land shortage in the Netherlands, so to start his own farm, he had to leave the country. We loved the shared connection of our ancestors setting out on the frontier to make a life and farm for themselves and something we were trying to do ourselves centuries later. Since we were the New generation, we added the New to the name. And that is how we came up with New Frontier Farms. The name stuck and we can't imagine a different name for our business.
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