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Jowl Bacon - Kunekune Pork

Jowl Bacon - Kunekune Pork

Roughly 1 pound of our jowl bacon from our pasture raised Kunekune pigs - raised on a diet of barley and peas (no corn, no soy, non-GMO). Jowl bacon is a cut of meat from the jowl of the pig that is sliced and smoked just like bacon.


What do we mean by Kunekune? This is one of the breeds of pigs we raise. They are a smaller breed of swine that are known for their short, upturned snout. This breed characteristic makes them quite suitable for grazing. They much prefer to graze on a pasture over anything else.


Additionally, the KuneKune pig is unique in that they have a very docile and friendly personality. This combined with their small stature and grazing ability ranks them as a highly sought after breed of swine.


Lastly, Kunekune pork is no "other white meat." This pork has a deep rich color and delicious taste. There is also a lot of marbling throughout the meat. Once you try to Kunekune pork different, you may never go back.


Our meat can be picked up at local farm markets (see this weeks schedule at checkout), free delivery to Lonsdale, Montgomery, and New Prague, or $20 delivery to the Twin Cities (free on orders over $150). Our meat cannot be shipped at this time.

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